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We help cash management companies to maximize efficiencies in movement of their cash and significantly reduce their current costs.

Our approach is not limited to the technical aspects of a project rather we establish and subsequently ensure that our customer’s business requirements and objectives are fulfilled. We are convinced that only through a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, we can provide a solution that reflects exactly what they want to achieve. In this way, we can deliver and manage a practically functioning solution that will work in their specific environment & region.    

Our solution approach guarantees active involvement and participation of all key stakeholders affected by the project implementation during various stages of the project and ensures staff 'buy in' at each stage. We work in a uniquely collaborative model across all levels of the clients organization fueled by the goal of helping the clients to thrive and enabling them to  standout in the market.  This means we undertake the project together, whilst minimizing the time and pressure on the customer's in-house resources.



Our team of experts has more than 30 years of extensive specialist knowledge of all segments of the Cash Management Industry.  We specialize in assisting Cash in Transit (CIT) companies, whether new or existing, who are aspiring to excel and offer the complete bouquet of Cash Management Services in the market. 


Our Advisory services cover all levels, ranging from strategic decisions down to the operational levels, throughout all the stages of the project i.e., advisory, design, build and operations.


The strength of our team lies in our thorough knowledge of the cash industry and an understanding of balance between people, processes & technology. Our experts bring deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives that question the status quo and spark change.




Our solutions are based upon research, extensive knowledge and working experience in the Cash Logistics Industry. We invest an inordinate amount of time, effort and energy in understanding the business of cash operations and enhancing the customer experience. We have in depth knowledge about each and every process that plays a role in the cash cycle, especially processes around Cash Centers, Cash in Transit & ATM Channel Management operations. 


This knowledge enables us to advise and support the Cash Management Companies in identifying any gaps within the existing processes that may be resulting in high operational cost and inefficiencies. At the same time, our highly experienced team can not only identify gaps but can suggest measures that can ensure judicious use of resources.



Like any other business, building of the right team is crucial to the Cash Management business; a minor oversight or mistake can lead to colossal losses, both financial and reputational.  FHK Consulting can help its customers acquire the best resources available from within the industry and can further help to build and train the existing resources to manage & supervise all phases of the Cash Management Operations.    

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FHK consultants have a thorough understanding of the cash cycle, built up over many years of practical experience in the cash industry. Our team of consultants know the all the cash cycle's stakeholders, business processes and have up-to-date knowledge of the applied technologies available at any point of time. They are not only focused on technology and processes, but also on the people who will be managing and running the day-to-day activities.


Our experts can identify the right tools for our clients to ensure they are adequately equipped to manage the sensitive Cash Management Operations. Negotiating with suppliers and brokers becomes a lot easier when you are familiar with the benchmark prices, prevailing costs within the industry.



Training is one of the most important elements for the growth and operational excellence of any organization. It becomes all the more important for cash logistics industry where a small failure can be devastating to the organization. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that companies ensure their staff is adequately trained. FHK Consulting offers wide industry experience and specialized trainers to help organizations towards increasing efficiency and achieving operational excellence


FHK Consulting provides Cash Management Companies a complete set of products and services throughout the various stages of cash management cycle.

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